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Valvemech is fully equipped to recondition a variety of valves, all the while adhering to the strict standards of our industry. This is an effective maintenance and repair solution.


No matter what the requirements, Valvemech is able to manufacture a variety of purpose-specific valves. With a focus on precision and accuracy, we are extremely competent in our field.


With a wealth of industry experience and expertise, Valvemech is able to offer modification to existing valves. We take care to ensure that our modifications feature the same precision as our manufactured valves.

Valve Maintenance and Repair in Durban


Valvemech offers a variety of bespoke valves, purpose built with precise workmanship in our fully-equipped workshops. We pride ourselves in the quality of our valves.

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Allied Equipment

With attention to Allied Equipment,Valvemech is able to manufacture these components to suit the Industrial requirements.We do this with the same precision with which we approach all our projects.

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Valvemech offers unobtrusive examinations of existing valves and pipes. With an extensive range of testing methods, we take care to adhere to applicable blueprints and manuals.

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Valvemech – For all your Valve Maintenance and Repair Durban
Valvemech manufactures, repairs, reconditions and modifies valves and pumps to cost-effective, exacting standards for medium- and heavy-industry applications. Where the purpose is to regulate, direct or control high pressure, coarse or heavy-flow fluids, it is critical that a wealth of engineering and technical expertise be accessible to achieve the accuracy, durability and efficiencies that heavy duty valve applications demand. In this, and in valve refurbishment, Valvemech prides itself on delivering. Valve types that we handle include ball, butterfly, check, diaphragm, float, gate, globe needle plug, pressure reducing, safety and relief for, by way of example, the sugar, pulp and paper, chemical, water and textile industries. Valvemech’s prestigious client list includes blue chip corporates such as Engen, SAPREF, Mitel, Metro Water, Umgeni Water, Shell Chemicals and Illovo Sugar Mills. All fabrication in our cutting-edge workshop is subjected to rigorous testing and meets the highest international quality standards. So whether its routine valve testing,workshop valve repairs, fabrication or on-site valve repair, Durban can offer a fast, efficient, responsive service to all comers.
Valve Manufacture for Africa
Based in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, Valvemech services valve users as far afield as Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia, Malawi and is fully-geared to effectively service the entire SADC subcontinent. We bring more than one hundred and thirty years of combined skill, training and experience to the fore when manufacturing or refurbishing our customers’ valve fittings. In addition, Valvemech’s practical expertise can tap a wealth of global valve manufacturing resources. With a very efficient turnaround time, especially in mission-critical situations, our preference for refurbishment and modification can save our clientele up to 60% of the cost of a new fitting. Our chief focus is efficient fabrication – catering to low or single-volume purpose-specific requirements with our end-product often surpassing the properties of new units in terms of efficient functionality, quality and cost. Current contract with Anglo American,to supply Delta Tank Bottom outlet valves. Valvemech supplies to the end-user as well as the re-seller market and welcomes all new enquiries as challenges to our stated mission of “handling the pressures of industry”.
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