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Valve Repair

Valve Maintenance and Repair Durban

Each valve is disassembled in line with manufacturers’ specifications and the condition documented. Work undertaken on valves in Valvemech’s care is also recorded. Every valve that is worked on is assigned a unique identity number which is stamped onto the valve body, which makes historical tracking of valve treatments easy and maintaining the integrity of future work accurately possible.

Standard repair and refurbishment consists of visual inspection and identification, pre-testing for pressure relief valve repair, seat and shell testing.

An In-depth Process, Professionally Executed

Works such as motor operated (MOV) and air-operated (AOV) pilot main valve fitting, stripping and cleaning of components, abrasive cleaning of external surfaces, nominal lapping of seats and discs and re-assembly complete the physical repair phase.

Fittings are then tested, calibrated to valve specification, sealed and tagged before going to final inspection, painting and the protection of flanges. Thereafter, test certificates are issued.

Testing is rigorous, complying with international ISO standards and the keeping of records and histories is critical. In this manner, Valvemech builds relationships with its customers who return, again and again, for us to maintain, test and repair, where necessary, their valves.

This provides customers with peace-of-mind valve supply service and access to recourse in the event of problems or forensic enquiries.

At Valvemech, customers are assured of a trusted partner providing diversified service.

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