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9Excellence in Attention to Detail

All Valvemech work is carried out in compliance to ISO 9002.

Quality control is Valvemech’s essence and the Company obtained LLOYD’S Registered Quality Assurance ISO 9002 accreditation in 1998.

From the tagging and record-keeping of repair, testing and fabrication histories, inventory control through tagging, the flow of the workshop floor, the maintenance of inventory schedules and stock levels and a rigorous and detailed, comprehensive testing and certification program–all these are the mark of a quality-conscious producer.

Valvemech's Quality Control Policy details the company's quality and customer service policy – detailing management's commitment to the policy, its success in following the policy, employee quality training and quality goal achievement in terms of actual quality of products and service to customers. The company's quality strategy also encompasses adherence to local and, where applicable, international quality control laws and regulations, and methods of tracking changes in these as well as the success with which they are implemented.

Safety and Quality is Paramount

Safety is a priority of the Valvemech quality program and we maintain awareness of all the potential hazards our procedures pose, both to our employees and our customers. We have thus put in place safety procedures to protect against them.

In addition, a command chain of responsibility and accountability has been established,and fulfillment of responsibilities, following of the chain of command, conflict avoidance and dispute resolution are catered for.

In all areas, Valvemech tracks the evolution of procedures to keep pace with new developments, modifications and changes, employee training records and structured observation of how these are routinely followed.

What this means is that work done at Valvemech dovetails with its ISO-certified customers, integrates with international/multinational client demand and, ultimately enables the company to offer a world-class service in critical areas of servicing and manufacture of valves in its markets.

Such is Valvemech’s confidence in its quality strategy that we welcome customers or independent witnesses to attend our test and certification procedures.

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