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Why Use Valvemech?

shutterstock_212727241Valvemech’s core business is the reconditioning, manufacture, modification and testing of all manner of industrial-purpose valve fittings, as well as the valve manufacture and supply for Delta tank bottoms outlet valves.

Any valve fitting type is handled with precision and accuracy, and Valvemech is competent to match the specifications and rigorous demands of most valve end-uses.

In terms of valve testing services or, for instance, valve maintenance and repair, Durban has no equal, and offers this level of service and technology to valve users all over southern Africa.

In-workshop refurbishing, modification, repair and testing is undertaken but Valvemech is also tooled up to handle on-site and in-service safety valve testing. With the use of a computerised Acu-Testing, meaning minimal downtime to production process for its clients.

Valvemech, sensitive to production runs and targets, is geared to carry out routine repairs, maintenance testing and refurbishments shutdowns,emergency breakdowns and turnarounds.

We provide an integrated approach using highly-skilled technicians that provide on-site, emergency and scheduled repair services, as well as scheduled or routine shop repair.

Routine Valve Testing and On-site Valve Repair for Durban

7Our technicians surpass industry standards with their craftsmanship and precision. This commitment to excellence provides you with a cost-effective means of keeping maintenance and repair costs down and turnaround time short.

Valvemech also undertakes specialist refurbishment programs for pressure control mechanical line valves, AOV & MOV repair as well as oxygen service valves, glass bead pressure blasting, welding and heat treating, machining up to 70" swing, including: grinding, milling, cutting, turning and boring, drill and tap and retrofits.

We are also happy to locate and procure valves and spare parts and provide a pickup and delivery service for shop repair valves when required.

Valvemech also carries out non-destructive examinations and assessments and can undertake inspections, using manufacturer's drawings/ repair manuals where necessary. Our range of test procedures includes hydrostatic, paraffin, oil, liquid, steam, air, vacuum, nitrogen and digital nitrogen testing.

All work is carried out in compliance to ISO 9002.

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