Valvemech / Valve Specialists

Who We Are

Valvemech’s core is valve reconditioning and allied equipment, with the repair and reconditioning of all types and makes of valves, pumps and the manufacture of special application valves to suit unique customer needs.

We are an independent fabricator based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, some six kilometres or ten minutes by vehicle from arterial highways. We are easily accessible for industrial customers anywhere.

Operating out of fully equipped workshops and offering superior service combined with exceptional workmanship and quality control, Valvemech’s expertise and experience is underpinned by a worldwide resource of valve technology.

This all makes for a first-rate repair and reconditioning service center.

Reconditioned valve fittings are returned to users “as good as new” , sometimes “better then new” as advances in materials and design technology can significantly and meaningfully improve on legacy equipment performances.

Valvemech have been honouring their craft for more than thirty years, making us the second-oldest valve reconditioning facility in the province.